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For 119 years it continued a desolate ruin until it was re-edified by the Lady Anne in 1660.Her diary tells how she formed the design of restoring the Castle as early as 1615, for a library for a Mr. To give an easier access to the Castle she built the neighbouring bridge over the Eden and, in 1662, "a wall of lime and stone around the Castle 90 roods in compass, with two gates and within it a stable, coach-house, brew-house, bake-house, wash-house and a little room over the gate which is arched." In 1685 the castle was demolished by Thomas, Earl of Thanet, and it has ever since continued to be exposed to the ravages of time and tempest.Many researchers see 'HARTLEY Country' as the area around the Lancashire and Yorkshire borders, especially north and east of Burnley, and up through the Pennines to Cumbria, separated by the Yorkshire Dales.

Most had occupations in Cotton Mills and Coal Mines or were House Keepers, Dress Makers and Labourers.

New industries in the Midlands and South [cars, aircraft etc.] attracted skilled heavy industry workers from the North.

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