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11-Jul-2017 22:04

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In fact they are quite reluctant to enter into such a scenario without much consideration.

Some may say it’s a result of their commitment-phobia (the remnants of men who have grown up without a prominent example of long-lasting marriages), the mere established climate in which Caribbean women demand less than they deserve, or that he simply respects the notion of forever; who knows?

Before you choose to spend the rest of your life (or the rest of the year) with someone, you should have some idea of what to expect.

While all women are unique, there are some similarities that stem from a connection to the Caribbean culture.

We had a brief ‘almost’ encounter, that has encouraged a years long pursuit to ‘seal the deal.’ During this pursuit he has had many suitors, one of which he asked to be his wife.

The night after he proposed to her, he texted me to hang out (another on the list of his numerous correspondences I often ignored).

Here are the last seven things that you need to remember when you marry (or date) a woman of Caribbean descent. If you missed Part Two, you can find that one here. Don’t wait until you go to her family to experience her culture.

For all he could tell, she never suspected his infidelity (financial discrepancies as well as growing and crippling incompatibilities were said to be blamed).You can also go visit her home country, meet her family, and experience the culture.Related: Radial Brings Soca to the World with Curated Family Friendly Playlists That's everything - all 25 things you need to remember when you are married to or dating a Caribbean woman.Are you a Caribbean woman who has had misunderstandings with the people you date or person you’ve married because of your Caribbean roots that have caused conflict?

If you are lucky enough to meet the man of your dreams and twice fold fortunate enough to yield your hand in marriage, then you are surely favored…are you. I’ll first declare the prominent fact that by no means do Caribbean men take marriage lightly.54 years old) telling me, “this up and leaving your husband because he cheated business is something prominent only in your generation.

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