Dating again after celibacy

05-May-2017 19:36

Maybe our self-discipline isn’t as strong as a woman’s.

Maybe a lot of us are just used to having sex and being on a dry spell is new territory, one that we’re not entirely sure how to navigate.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to say, “I don’t know if I can continue doing this” or “This is becoming extremely difficult for me,” but I’m hesitant, because if I say those things, she may believe that the physical is the only thing I wanted from her, when that is not at all the case.

You become fearful that she may no longer see you as being understanding or supportive, and sometimes you feel like an animal because you’re ashamed for wanting something you’ve enjoyed for so many years.

Most men are not able to express their emotions as well as women.

Therefore, we express a lot of feelings through physical actions.

Hats off to you if you can enjoy no-strings-attached sex, but me?

Does that factor in a woman’s decision in practicing celibacy?

Just please understand that if we voice those frustrations, it’s not meant to be taken as complaints to make you feel bad for your decision, because ultimately, men also enjoy spending sex-free time together.

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