Dating a person with bpd

03-Dec-2016 03:18

Michael was told that he needed to stop drinking and enroll in an anger management program.

And though this may be objectively true—Michael may indeed have had did have a drinking problem, and his behavior at times was aggressive—this turned out not to be of much help in changing Michael’s behavior.

I met Michael about a year after he and his wife Diane had gone for two counseling sessions following an incident at home.

One evening, after they returned from a gathering with friends, Michael accused Diane of flirting with the husband of a woman who was Diane’s best friend.

But it must begin with both the therapist and the man with BPD realizing just what it is that are dealing with, and where its roots lay. is a clinical psychologist and author of I really appreciated reading this article and seeing how "Michael" was able to receive help for his underlying issues causing his poor behavior.

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But as Diane explained, “If Michael gets into one of his moods, his cocktails only make it worse.” Men with BPD Michael suffers from .Michael’s mother, meanwhile, seemed to have decidedly divided loyalties.