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Nicholas is more too 'cool' in this drama .. thanx for replying edwise, i thought this threat would be considered as "memory" already ^^....regarding the high-heel, i've read it somewhere too, but just wanna make sure ^^ read it in his vietnamese fan site i think, but well those 2 r so sweet, going to one another's promotion ^^ so cute, plz up date their events, thanx mucho ^^ Nic & Cyndi chemistry is as good as QE & MD. perfect match, i know ^^ smiling pasta and prince turns into a frog are the best taiwan dramas in my heart ^^ i wanna hear more about 'em but this threat seems to be in its "emergency" state before dying ^^ it's a sad thing that they just remain friends, but we never know wat the future would be so....^^ i'm still holding on to my hope ^^ recently, during nic's new album promotion, cyndi appeared and she gave him a high heel....which i dont understand y ^^ anyone know?

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Frustrated and depressed, Hsiao-shi walks aimlessly on the street and bumps into a pop singer (Nicholas Teo) who kisses her by accident...

I guess that's why I didn't enjoy Smile Pasta that much? Well anyways, if it is Nicolas Teo, i also thought they had amazing chemistry!

the first time i saw zhang dong lian i thought he was ugly but later on cyndi and he looked really cute so i kinda like him, now im totally crazy over him expecially when he sang the turtle song.

Let’s Not Fall In Love Again (別再驚動愛情) – The music started with a sullen, haunting feeling already. At least for me though I thought the title might be misleading. Running From Happiness’ Chasing (被幸福追著跑) – Upbeat song at last, lol. It’s a carefree song though about relationships but more like telling someone off because he’s not going to change just because. There are like 4 tracks of upbeat songs so it’s not like all tragic.

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And though he lost love and lost confidence in love thus not wanting to start another relationship.

何群新歌發表會的當天,也是曉詩試圖跟新任男友PETER完成戀情滿3個月目標的日子。但是、何群在這一天,眼睜睜看著女友RITA被阿哲帶走,曉詩也在街頭看著PETER擁著另一個女子離開。何群離開新歌發表會、為了躲避狗仔隊跟蹤被逼跑上街頭,何群一不小心撞上在街頭失落獨行的曉詩猛烈的撞擊使得何群的嘴唇意外吻上了曉詩狗仔隊見機不可失,趕緊用相機拍下這難得的一刻,何群只好帶著曉詩逃跑。 沒想到第二天一早風雲變色,報章上寫著「小天王劈腿,街頭撞吻秘密情人」,何群和曉詩的「親吻照」上了頭版新聞,經紀人VINCENT 為挽救危機,將計就計,否認何群和RITA的關係,宣佈曉詩才是何群的正牌女友,兩人即將訂婚,令全國轟然。緋聞一鬧,愛面子的何議長差點氣炸,勒令何群轉學,不料卻轉到了曉詩就讀的鼎風大學,而且竟與他的弟弟阿哲和RITA在同一間學校就讀…… After being constantly recommended by friends to watch this series, I decided to give it a chance despite not being very familiar with mandarin.