Column control datagrid information insufficient key refreshing updating

23-Aug-2017 00:23

column control datagrid information insufficient key refreshing updating-23

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This section discusses how to: You can display grid cell data as icons to provide quicker, more meaningful visual feedback on certain types of data, such as status flags or other data where the internal value of a flag is not directly meaningful to a user.

The ability to display grid data as icons enables you to associate values or ranges of values with an icon image, and then display that image in a grid, instead of the underlying data value.

Cells in an update grid can be selected individually.

The header detail, headerless detail, power edit, and portlet edit forms have update grids, as do update subforms. The columns are specified at design time and are one of these types: A database column is associated with an item in the business view (BV) and through that connection to a DD item.

A grid can either be a browse grid or an update grid.

Grid controls can also have a query-by-example (QBE) line.You also can use grid controls to enable users to edit table records.In end-user documentation, grid controls are referred to as detail areas.These tooltips are displayed when the user hovers the mouse pointer over the icon image. It can be clickable or non-clickable, and it can be enabled or disabled.

It can also display a slightly different image when the mouse hovers over it.Additionally, you can specify rows or columns to display information that you acquire or calculate during runtime. The data items can come from the BV attached to the form, or they can be based on DD items. Just as the grid control itself has a variety of property settings, you can set property values for each column in the grid as well.

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