Clever tips for basement updating

26-Jul-2016 00:30

Maximising glazing to the rear wall, paired with rooflights, lanterns and other forms of glazing to the roof are potential solutions.

An extension will result in a deeper floorplan too, which can create central rooms, which are deprived of any source of natural light.

Remodelling and/or extending this type of property is not without its challenges, however.

Unlike the detached home, there is a significant factor which could impact, and even put the breaks on your project ambitions — the neighbouring home with which the property shares a party wall.

Whether you intend to extend or perhaps add a basement, or simply hope to update a semi-detached home, the starting point for any major project is a thorough look at the existing layout.

As yourself these questions to help identify your needs for the space: “You don’t necessarily need to add a large extension or masses of space to achieve the home you want.

“Sometimes homeowners will present me with a brief to locate the downstairs WC at the rear of the house — but this tends to be the place which gets the best views and connection with the garden! “It should really be positioned beneath the stairs for instance, or in the middle where there is no natural light.” David goes on to recommend that placing amenity spaces somewhere tucked away, allows you reserve the rear for the kitchen and dining area.

You can then achieve a long view from the front of the house, right through to the garden.

A level threshold between inside and out and carefully integrated ramps ensure the landscaped garden is accessible.If possible, appoint one with with experience of dealing with the local planning authority.