Cast of 10 rules for dating my daughter

21-Jun-2016 17:54

It’s a great way to make music readily available to the public. We also did “Later With Jools Holland,” a British tv show with Kanye. What would you call your own sound, if you could describe it yourself? We kind of chose the band name to be a word that kind of just sounds like how we sound. As for the White Stripes, I listened to them a lot growing up, and I can see how it would be easy for people to compare us with them.

Everyone was freaking out when Radiohead released In Rainbows free on the Internet in 2010, but it ended up making them more money with all the exposure it gave them. Yeah that makes sense, like the way Parliament Funkadelic came up with the term “funk.” People have compared you guys to The White Stripes and The Black Keys. What direction do you think your next album will take? We tried to do some recordings with friends, but they didn’t really sound that good.

But in my role as a father, I suppose a different thought process runs through my mind. Natural phase My two gorgeous daughters have been a joy in my life since they were born. From babies to toddlers, and then to little girls, I have watched them develop and grow. I have my preferences on what I expect from those souls who would (dare) date my daughters.

Perhaps my face changes expression when boys are around my girls in their co-ed schools. The hair on the back of my neck stands as my muscles tense and a fight response sets in. Herewith are 10 commandments for dating my teenage daughter: Thou shalt…

Yeah there’s this German guy, Kim Dotcom, whose set up a new music site called Megaupload that lets you stream free music. We don’t really have any, we just kind of warm up and listen to fast music. Your first album had a lot of angst and frustration. Are you drawing from people, places, personal experiences or a culturally imposed idea of rock music? And then we played what we thought would be our last show for awhile, because Eoin was going up to university and then this guy came up to us and said, “Hey you should come record with my friends” and we did, and those were some of the first tracks on our album.

There are a lot of ads on the site, and I think the money from the ads goes to the artists. I think we’ve written quite negatively so far because we were in a really isolated place, where we couldn’t really do anything, so that’s kind of what the first record’s about. I really enjoyed the song titled “People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck” and am curious what was behind that. Yeah, yeah, we kinda tend to write the songs and try out different things as we’re recording and then we’ll learn it afterwards, which is probably not the best way to do it but it’s just what happens. So you and Eoin have just been playing ever since you were kids?

Control yourself from burping loudly and farting (loudly)—these are natural body actions but please (!

Don’t talk with food in your mouth, nor chew with your mouth open.

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It’s been a big year for firsts—their first album, self-titled Drenge, is an angsty, visceral grunge compilation that experiments with identity through an unapologetic release of suppressed youthful energy.This is your first US tour, and you guys have been to New York, Brooklyn, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco so far, and now LA. I’m not 21 yet though so I got quarantined to my dressing room. Have you had any crazy audience interactions at any of your shows?

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