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14-May-2017 02:15

Her boyfriend of almost a year, chef Adam Kenworthy, appears every so often with a juice, and they beam at one another with the adoration of a new relationship.

Here, Radziwill discusses her favorite deli breakfast, why she won't step foot in a gym, and the secret to dating in New York City."In the morning, I have coffee.

I haven’t seen how it unfolds, but I know kind of what we filmed and I think it’s a nice little romance on the show. She’s not as chill and laid-back as I kinda thought.” Prior to filming with her on RHONY, Carole had never met or interacted with Bethenny.

I think the storyline this year is a little bit romance, a little bit fun, a little bit .” Moving on to Bethenny business, Carole admits she was difficult to deal with at first. “I didn’t see her on the show that much; I just knew of her from Skinnygirl and as a businesswoman and her talk show,” says Carole.

You'll live to 100." "Honestly, I was never into going to gyms. But then I was walking along Third Avenue right by the Ace Hotel, and found it at one of the perfumeries.

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Then Luann is forced to endure a tense brunch with alpha-phemales, Bethenny and Heather.We have a lot of same interests in music, in spirituality – same values,” Carole elaborates.“I don’t want to make it into this big epic romance, but we’re having a thing and we’re having a good time – it’s not that much more complicated.” When asked if the show wants to make her cougar romance a big deal, Carole answered, “Maybe.“And I don’t go near the fires.” Now she considers Bethenny a friend. “But our friendship grew, slow and steady, over the course of the season. We just went to Miami for a girl’s weekend – just the two of us.” I do wonder how this affects Carole’s close friendship with Heather, although the two appear to still be very good friends as well.

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As Carole said, she’s not a girl who goes near the fires! The ladies are still in the Hamptons for the battle of the brunch with the group divided over whose brunch is best: Bethenny’s or Ramona’s.Now in her third season she dishes on finding a much-younger man this season and building a friendship with Bethenny Frankel despite a less than favorable first impression.

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