Carbon dating flaws mammoth

10-Sep-2017 20:11

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...[Some authors have said] they were "not aware of a single significant disagreement" on any sample that had been dated at different labs.

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Radiocarbon dating is frequently used to date ancient human settlements or tools. It is a stable atom that will not change its atomic mass under normal circumstances.

This limit is currently accepted by nearly all radiocarbon dating practitioners.

It follows that the older a date is, even within this 'limit', the greater are the doubts about the date's accuracy.

PROBLEMS WITH RADIOCARBON DATING During the last 30 years, a new method of determining C14/C12 ratios has been developed.

It uses accelerator mass spectrometry to determine the amounts of C14 and C12 in a small sample which is vaporised in the test.The nitrogen atom, which began with seven protons and seven neutrons, is left with only six protons and eight neutrons.

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