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22-Sep-2016 09:05

at the ROM includes a video installation by Deanna Bowen that is approximately 40 minutes in duration.We encourage you to allow yourself a little extra time during your visit to experience this piece in its entirety.FBI director James Comey recently recommended that we all cover our webcams with tape for security reasons.Comey believes that doing so is a simple step for people to "take responsibility for their own safety and security." Apparently Comey doesn't want to be spied on. All the dildos she plays with are absolutely humongous.

The Living Room: Creative Team & List of Works Cited Curated by Deepali Dewan, Jennifer Orpana, Thy Phu, Julie Crooks, and Sarah Bassnett, with the assistance of Sarah Parsons and Silvia Forni.What's more surprising is that it's taken this long for officials and the press to raise the alarm.

What do Griffin and Zeke do in their spare time when not killing demons?… continue reading »

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