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From pages 377-378 of the 1904 'Wiener Schachzeitung' though originally from the 'St. NOTE: You need to pick a username and password to post a reply.

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On 29th November (12th December) a peaceful death put an end to his suffering.)It is also mentioned that Schiffers spoke German, English, Russian and French.

Furthermore, he was so good at drawing and painting (self-taught) that he was allowed to copy in the imperial hermitage.

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Looking back at my ugly translation, it occurs to me that con amore probably meant "for love" rather than "with love." Tarrasch is saying that he played casually and easily in tournaments, as if in a skittles match.

Could you explain what the differnce is between "for love" and "with love" in this case?

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I would choose "from life" or "of life", whatever the usual phrase is in English, but perhaps "to life" also has a similar meaning with which I'm not familiar. I think it has more or less fallen out of use, in the United States at least.(The news of the great Russian chess master's passing came not as a surprise. Schiffers fell and suffered an injury he never fully recovered from.

Every man has weaknesses, and every man must die, one sooner, others later, one from this, others from that disease; in fact we all die to Life!

, Here is a snippet from the New York Times, dated 4 February 1900,about Schiffer's non-attendance at the tournament in St Petersburg:"A notable absentee is Schiffers, second prize winner at Moscow, who has since been place in an asylum for the insane." Thanks.

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During the second half of the 19th Century, historic Yale, British Columbia was home to thousands of miners who set out on the Gold Rush Trail, seeking their fortunes in the goldfields of the Cariboo.… continue reading »

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Voer het adres in op je smartphone en wacht totdat de website is geladen.… continue reading »

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Chris ignored it all, checked out the cover of the latest magazine at a bookstore, pronounced it boring, and then nonchalantly showed me the mall video arcade whose back room he'd hid in when, one day while shopping, he'd heard a girlfriend of his shout: "Run, Chris!… continue reading »

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This also funds the Idaho Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Accessibility Project under the Initiative which coordinates state domestic violence and sexual assault victim services activities to enhance programmatic and physical accessibility.… continue reading »

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What do your long lost childhood best friend, your college roommate, your boss and your significant other all have in common?… continue reading »

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One year later, God called them to serve on staff at Champion Forest Baptist Church.… continue reading »

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