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Turn off cell phones before entering the courtroom. What happens at each stage of a criminal prosecution? The information provided is for general educational purposes only. The paper may also give you rules to follow and tell you to go to the police station at a certain time and date so that your photo and fingerprints can be taken.

This material is borrowed from a page on the website of the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan, with changes made to reflect B. It’s important that you follow these directions because if you don’t, you may get another charge for not obeying the order.

Answers to questions frequently asked about the Provincial Court: This website provides general information about the Provincial Court and B. The Clicklaw Helpmap can help you find free or low cost legal advice if you cannot afford a lawyer.

Comments are provided for information only and cannot be used as legal advice or authority in court or other legal proceedings. If you have a legal problem you should talk to a lawyer to get legal advice about your own situation.

Failing to attend court on any date and time you are given by police or the court is a criminal offence. Almost everyone charged with a crime must go to Provincial Court.

At your first appearance, the justice will tell you what you’re charged with and read “the information” (the document setting out the charges against you) to you if you wish.

To find a courthouse near you check Locations, and for more information on public access see Public and Media Access Policies.

You can find out some of the matters scheduled to be heard when you plan to go to court by looking at the Daily Court Lists for Small Claims matters or Criminal matters.

How are people charged with offences brought to court?

Court protocol Can I go to court to watch what goes on?

How are judges and judicial justices addressed in Provincial Court? How should I conduct myself when I appear in front of a Judicial Case Manager?

How does a criminal trial proceed in Provincial Court?

Family Court Practice and Procedure How can the Court help you collect child or spousal support payments that have been ordered but not paid to you?

If you have a lawyer, he or she will talk to the Crown instead of you.

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