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A large distribution center might receive and ship more than ten thousand truckloads each year, with an individual store receiving from only a couple trucks per week up to 20, 30, or more per week.Distribution centers range in size from less than 50,000 square feet (5,000 m Goods (products) arrive and are stored in a distribution center in varying types of storage locations and containers suited to the product characteristics and the amount of product to be transported or stored.

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This strategy is especially important for imported items.

Once networking became a practical reality, most of those organizations consolidated the responsibility for operating and maintaining their network, as well as maintenance of the individual computers, into a single IT department.

One of the single most significant benefits of consolidation and centralization is economic.

Even when a company has multiple locations and must maintain an HR presence in each, that function is usually closely monitored by the company's headquarters.

Consolidation can reduce real estate and some other overhead costs.

A consolidated system of procuring office supplies also benefits the company by offering economies of scale as well as reducing the total amount of time spent attending to office supplies.