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08-Jun-2017 08:32

When David suggested stress was nothing more than a crutch- to help stave off others increasing the demands on my time, also that it may be a way to deal with and feel important in life- it was like someone turned on a light- I now have a handle on how to deal with it and eventually I will overcome it, sooner rather than later.

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In various processes I realized false perceptions of myself, society, organized religion, and family.

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I came into the course with what I thought was an open mind but which in fact was full of skepticism.

By giving me the space to be angry with you, I was able to confront my own limiting beliefs that I have used as a protection mechanism.

” Susanne Satvatove 3 December 2011, Switzerland “The course enabled me to clearly see what obstacles I am bringing into my life, and gave me a variety of tools to empower myself to live an authentic life, and choose the experiences. ” Feda Satvatove Foundational Seminar – San Diego 2011 “Satvatove 3 is comprised of awesome exercises, deep spiritual truths, and tools to create mental peace. Much of what I have gained from it is a progression of aspects of myself which I have been fostering for some time.