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16-Jun-2016 10:11

She’s been watching Downton Abbey for clues on how to look wealthy. Rachael actually jumps in to correct Kathryn on her relationship with Whitney. I have never told anyone this, but after this year’s reunion or whatever, you know how in the past, we’ve hooked up afterwards? I don’t think he had the ability to commit.” Rachael says she thinks they could be good together.When Kathryn says she broke Whitney’s heart and that is why Patti turned on her, Rachael tells Kathryn she didn’t break his heart, she bruised his ego and goes on to explain the Kathryn and Whitey relationship to Kathryn. Kathryn agrees and says there was so much going on behind the scenes between her and Thomas that the viewers don’t know about. That happened this year, and this is the first time I’m saying it.” Kathryn is sort of laughing. Kathryn says, “We could be, it would take a lot of work.She mentions running through the park and yoga and it seems like one Rachael is a little bit nervous.Rachael mentions “recovery” several times after Kathryn says the yoga was really helpful to her recovery.He was adamant that she wear Lily Pulitzer dresses.Rachael freaks out about hating Lily Pulitzer and Kathryn agrees.After the pregnancy scare, Patti went on a rampage. She told people that her “son had a concept for the show and it was going to be like Downton Abbey and then this shameless strumpet came in and ruined everything!” Oh so that is why Patti hires a butler for filming season.

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Somewhere along the way of his coverage of the capital in Columbia, he became aware of Kathryn who was there doing some intern work. Of course Thomas didn’t listen and the rest is history.

So when the season one missed period pregnancy scare happened at the pool party, Whitney was furious with her and texted her to say that all of her things are ready and Michael will have them for you to pick up. Kathryn is says well yeah, and we were eating breakfast almost every morning together with his mom.

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