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Skilled Nursing Home Costs The Original Medicare Plan pays all of your skilled nursing home costs for the first 20 days of each benefit period.If you are in a nursing home for more than 20 days, you pay part of each day’s bill.Medicare Part B After you pay your yearly Part B deductible (5 in 2010), Medicare generally pays 80 percent of doctor and other medical services.It pays 50 percent of mental health services and 100% of some preventive services.

Medigap Basic Benefits All plans must offer these basic benefits.Medigap Plans C, D, F, G and M through N pay your share of the bill (7.50 a day in 2010) for days 21 through 100. Neither Medicare nor any Medigap plan pays for any skilled nursing home stay longer than 100 days in a benefit period. Medicare Part B Excess Charges When you see a doctor who doesn’t “accept assignment,” he or she doesn’t accept Medicare’s approved amount as payment in full.