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11-Sep-2016 21:22

Oyebode said the issue of allowing her daughter go on dates has led to a series of heated discussions between them.“I don’t tolerate inappropriate behaviour; but I find hard to control my only daughter.However, I think parents should spend more time educating their children about sex and what it entails. Some countries are campaigning that the age of consent to sex should be reduced to 13.

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This is attributed to several factors such as exposure to all kinds of information in a technology-driven age.“The consequences of not talking are simply too great.Talk openly and honestly, answer your kids’ questions, and seize opportunities to help them make smart decisions about their relationships and behaviour,” he said.“This is the dilemma of some parents, especially in this part of the world where traditional values frown against such practices for young teenagers.” Tochukwu said this is the more reason why parents should focus more on sex education to avoid the consequences of their children engaging in pre-marital sex.

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He said, “A lot of teenagers nowadays are influenced by peer pressure.Ever since she turned 16, she thinks she is now old enough for such. I didn’t grow up that way; my parents never allowed me go out with boys, even when I turned 20.