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It is thus that the , which eventually coalesced to give her the Middle Iranian name of Ardwīsūr.

In her hymn the river-goddess is described as a beautiful, strong maiden, clad in beaver-skins (5.129), who drives a chariot drawn by four horses: wind, rain, clouds, and sleet (5.120).

Some of the verses which indicate these aspects of her power correspond closely with others addressed to Aši, .

17), which is short and badly preserved; and so it has been assumed that, where there are verses in common, it was Aši who was the borrower.

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Like the Indian Sarasvatī, she nurtures crops and herds; and she is hailed both as a divinity and as the mythical river which she personifies, “as great in bigness as all these waters which flow forth upon the earth” (5.3).In the Pahlavi books (some of which represent lost Avestan texts), the two are still sometimes treated as separate divinities, with Ardwīsūr as the personification of the mythical river, and Anāhīd, the fertility goddess, identified with the planet Venus.

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