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One nice thing about its isolation is that a majority of the debris was from mother nature and not humans.

I did find an old beer can, the brand of which I am not familiar - read in to that what you will.

The only significant erosion project that would be required is on the last part of the trail, just before the power lines - and even that is something easily handled by a group of Boy Scouts.

Keep in mind, I say all this not really knowing the ownership of the land.

Seeing that, I was afraid my day was to be over before it even had a chance to begin.

As I made my way to the start, doom and gloom quickly turned into joy as the private property sign came in to view and revealed its self to be a welcome invitation to visitors, assuming you aren't motorized. At the start the trail is fairly wide with minimal over growth but it was quite obvious that this was not often used.

Green Mountain Log Trail is a great canidate for rehabilitation.

It got to the point that at some spots a detour had started to form around them, and in one case a whole section had to be navigated around.

I of course transported it back with and by now it has long since been recycled.