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For complete independence of any kind precludes the real, mutual relation that Emma enjoys with Mr Knightley.'Sometimes,' write the authors of the modern dating bible 'The Rules', 'men just want to drive in silence without saying a word. Maybe he's thinking about how he's going to propose to you one day.' Elizabeth Bennet, for one, would never do any such thing, and sparkles throughout Pride and Prejudice with her lively and witty repartee - 'Tease him, laugh at him' is how she deals with the stand-offish Mr Darcy.Sense and Sensibility's Lucy Steele is a great enthusiast for 'girl-talk'.

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Louisa's flirtation with Captain Wentworth consists of little more than jumping over stiles and off steps so that he might catch her in his arms as a father does his child.

When Captain Wentworth is told by his friend Hayter that Louisa Musgrove and her family have formed expectations on the basis of his behaviour towards her, he describes himself as 'hers in honour if she wished it.' We modern women like to pretend that we're not looking for anything, that we have no agenda - almost as if dating a man because we have expectations of marriage and children were as despicable as visiting an invalid because we have expectations of an inheritance!