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Other projects Lithuanian Agency for Sciences, Innovation and Technology project 3400-P170: Nanoelectroporation of Living Cells (BIO naopore).

MAIN R&D&I (RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION) PARTNERS Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Lithuania) Nature Research Center (Lithuania) Jouy-en-Josas Research Centre, Paris University of Pierre and Marie Currie (France) University of Latvia, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (Latvia) Oslo University (Norway) Linkoeping University, Lund University, Karolinska Institute (Sweden) University of Haifa (Israel) OTHER SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES Assoc.

Transferable antibiotic resistance determinats in gram negative bacterial pathogens.

The organisation principles of spinal neural network: temporal integration of somatosensory input and distribution of network activity. MAIN CONFERENCES ORGANIZED IN 2013 STAFF Professors: Dr.

Investigation of Clinical Significance of the Molecular Components of Cellular Response to Environmental Factors . Development of the Integrated Biotest System for the Determination of the Toxicity of the Environmental Pollutants .

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Genotoxicity of dental restorative materials was evaluated using Ames /microsome test and primary DNA damage (comet) assay in human lymphocytes.

Project: Colony of the Great Cormorants in Forest Ecosystem – Hypertrophication Impact and Rate of Dynamics (KOREKO).