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Using a variety of written sources and outstanding documentaries, this course examines the racial diversity of America and its enduring consequences.

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Are today's Mexican immigrants unique, or do they have something in common with earlier immigrants?Students cannot receive credit for this course if they have successfully completed Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies 0832/0932, Political Science 0832/0932, Sociology 0832 or Women's Studies 0832/0932.From classical Greeks and Romans, who saw themselves under siege by the "barbarian hordes," to contemporary America and its war on "Islamic extremism," from "The Birth of a Nation" to "Alien Nation," Western societies have repeatedly represented some group of people as threats to civilization.Duplicate Credit Warning: Students may take only one of the following courses for credit; all other instances will be deducted from their credit totals: Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies 0824; History 0824, 1708, C065; Women's Studies 0824, 1708, or C065.

Why were relations between Native Americans and whites violent almost from the beginning of European settlement?

Readings include primary sources written both by men and by women, secondary sources, novels, and films.